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Apparel Leeds

Seasonal Colour Analysis - Let’s prepare you for spring

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The Apparel Leeds Colour Services - the first steps to a fabulous new you!

We all have our favourite colours. The ones our eyes are inherently drawn to when out shopping.

But do you know which colours suit you? The colours that make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow.

So how does it work? 

  • Using the Four Seasons Colour Analysis method, we will establish your best season and show you how to work with your colour spectrum.
  • On the day (up to 75 minute session)
  • You’ll be asked to come along to your session make-up free
  • You will complete a short questionnaire
  • We will carefully go through the colour draping process
  • We will establish your season and discuss your best colours
  • You will receive a handbag sized colour fan to help you with with your best colours when out shopping

 After the session

You will receive hints & tips relating to your season by email.

How to book.

Simply purchase through our checkout and then send us a message and you’ll be booked in with Dawn.

Now is a great time to learn a new skill ahead of changing over your wardrobe for next season. 

The sessions are held in the styling suite at Apparel in Farsley, Leeds on weekday mornings and for those who are unavailable during the week, early on Saturday mornings by request. 


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