Think layers, layers and layers.

Think layers, layers and layers.

November is here. The dark nights are here, my heating is on and I’m well into snuggle-on-the-sofa mode. In reality the dark nights are the only true novelty in my life right now, as keeping warm and snuggly are fundamentals.


I hate being cold. Always have. No surprise then, that I was always drawn to living in warmer climes. With those times well behind me, facing the cold is something I’ve had to adapt to.


That’s why you’ll always hear me championing the use of layering. I just can’t survive without my layers, even in Summer I’ll probably have an extra one on hand. And wearing layers often means you get better use out of non-conventional pieces for the season.


When I’m considering making a purchase, one of the questions I’ll always ask myself is “can I put a layer under or over?” If the answer is no, I’ll probably pass 🤣


So the next time you’re shopping, don’t just go for the traditional pieces for the time of year. Think layers, layers and layers.

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