Introducing new brand, YAS Apparel

Introducing new brand, YAS Apparel

Hope you’re well and enjoying the early signs of summer.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand, YAS Apparel. Yet another cracker from Copenhagen.

I’ve spent quite some time searching for a bold brand to add to our collection. It was harder than I envisaged, but been worth the wait!

YAS appeal to free-spirited women. The brand is both sophisticated and contemporary. It’s bold whilst being feminine. Bright colours, strong prints. Great craftsmanship, fabulous fabrics with a nod to sustainability.

What does the brand say?

“Dressing up shouldn't be reserved for special occasions. We love the idea of dressing up, for no reason at all, just for the enjoyment of life.”

We’re on board!

We’ve launched with maxi dresses. The full collection will be with us in September. Hope you love it all as much as I do. 

Dawn x 

Colour. Style. Confidence. 

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